Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Sprint Nextel to form network with WiMax

WiMax, aka 802.16e, will form the basis of the first announced 4G mobile network. "The company said the new network, expected to launch in some markets by late 2007, will provide customers with wireless Internet speeds on par with DSL and cable TV modems and four times faster than speeds available on current wireless networks.... The network will take advantage of Sprint's extensive holdings of 2.5-gigahertz bandwidth spectrum covering 85 percent of the nation's 100 largest cities."

Woo hoo! Here we go -- ubiquitous broadband everywhere. Just as people now are dropping their land lines for phone service, a few years from now we'll all be doing the same with Internet access. With IPTV on the horizon as well, it might just be all wireless, all the time.


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