Saturday, August 19, 2006

MacBook firmware update adjusts fan behavior

If you have a MacBook, you may have noticed that Apple recently released a firmware update that "adjusts fan behavior in the MacBook." (If not, jump to read the official story.)

Hmmm, what exactly does that mean? Well, MacSlash offered a much better (and more interesting) explanation than most other news reports: Say Goodbye To The Moo.

Still not sure what they're talking about? Listen and see for yourself over at the MacRumors Forums. Haven't noticed your MacBook mooing about the place? You probably listen to music. Quiet things down for a bit and check it out.

But before you go ahead and install the update, you might want to get some baseline measures on your own MacBook first. That's super easy with a little app called CoreDuoTemp available for free download from VersionTracker. You can even add a continuous temperature reading to the menubar for a quick read to avoid inadvertantly searing your lap. Cool, huh?

No more MooBook.


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