Friday, May 26, 2006

Enter Ozone Woman

Maureen Dowd lays out the drama shaping up between Al and Hillary -- with Bill playing both sides. Quite the ménage. Should be an entertaing run-up to '08.

Original post at the NY Times which requires registration


Help Me Get A G5

Takes the scene from Office Space to a whole, new level.

Wonder what he'll do to get a Mac Pro when they come out?


SuperOyster: Monetizing the Waiting List

SuperSuck -- buy your way into anything. On the upside, virtual line waiting could become a sustainable career option. Enterprising hipsters unite. The last vestiges of egalitarianism begone!


Wine Lovers Now Have A Web 2.0 Site

Über wine drinkers rejoice. (This means you CeeElCee and Butters.)


SmackBook Pro

That's no way to treat a MacBook! Or is it?

Forget the Dock and keyboard shortcuts. Smack your laptop into submission and knock the next application into view.


Apple Laptops: Good, Cheap, Fast -- pick three

That's right -- you can have it all. Even Windows, if you're so inclined. For less money and a better experience.


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

MacBook Man

Yeah, yeah, I get the parody -- but it completely fails without the black MacBook. Nobody look fearsome in white (with the possible exception of Gandalf, but he didn't lower himself to sword-wielding).

Best comment so far: "Dude, you know how you have a daughter? And you were worried about how someday a boy would show up on your doorstep, trying to date her? PROBLEM SOLVED!"


BSOD in this case stands for Blue Screen of Debt

Rent-to-own computers for low-income techies (more accurately, low and variable income)? Hmmm. Wonder what the margin is on that. Similar to check advance loans, I'd imagine. Coming soon to a Microsoft dealer near you.


Monday, May 22, 2006

Digismart - Miniature Projection Technology

Now this would be cool in an iPod, iPhone and/or MacBook.

"Australia-based Digislide... has created a tiny projector (for power point, movies, whatever) that can be built into a cell phone or laptop computer. They are signing licensing deals now and expect to see it in consumer electronics products soon. It’s tiny, silent and totally cool." -TechCrunch


Friday, May 19, 2006

Snakes On A Plane: Early Auditions

"Imagine Christopher Walken, Jack Nicholson, Joe Pesci, and a few others trying out for the picture. Now imagine that their auditions were on tape. And now click the link (oh, it's got some explicit language - be warned)." -Gavin Shearer


Thursday, May 18, 2006

MyVu LCD goggles for iPod reviewed

Not sure why the product literature shows this guy, apparently watching Bassmaster or Bill Dance Outdoors, but would someone please send me a pair of these? Thanks.

Engadget Review


Hands on with Apple's new MacBook with Windows

Interesting review from a self-described "biplatform" PC World columnist:

"The black MacBook isn’t the most feature-rich model in Apple’s new Intel-based laptop line, but it’s probably the coolest…which makes it one of the coolest laptops on the market, period."

"I don’t think businessfolks who trade in a 12-inch PowerBook for a black MacBook will feel like they’re slumming, even if the MacBook is a mere 'consumer model.'"


7 ways to let your geek flag fly

"Geek cred is nothing to be ashamed of, so feel free to show your true colors. These little knick-knacks will let the world know you’re afraid of neither technology nor the fashion it inspires."

In case you want to send me a gift....


History of Console Prices

Thinking about the high cost of the PlayStation 3? Check this chart of inflation-adjusted console prices and decide for yourself if it's out of line.


Confused columnist on Apple's 17" MacBook Pro: 'you can get a couple of decent Dells' for that price

US$2,799 vs. US$4,008. Wonder what the similar comparison would be for the new MacBooks.


And we all shine on

Glossy good, or glossy bad? Like it or don't, the MacBook goes glossy.

Make sure to read the summary at the end.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Introducing the superfast, blogging, podcasting, do-everything-out-of-the-box MacBook

If you know me, you know I ordered one of these first thing this morning. Yes, I paid $150 extra for the black one. I think of it the same way I think of the leather upgrade for my car -- every once in awhile you have to do something nice for yourself. Considering how often I'll be using the thing, I might as we look as cool as possible doing it. (Boy, that's a dangerous policy. Maybe I should rethink that. Nah.)

BTW, J. had to get one just like it. Mine better show up first. ;-)


Monday, May 15, 2006

The anti-Christian bias in our society has reached absurd proportions

You won't see the liberal media reporting this! (Thanks, Jason. You heathen.)

Longer version from godlessgeeks (gotta love those Silicon Valley wackos)

Source: World Pantheism Movement (Pantheism. Nature's Way.)


Saturday, May 13, 2006

O! News: John Lennon invented the iPod

"Lawsuit in the Sky with Diamonds?" Oh, boy.


Web 2.0 audience apparently composed entirely of Web 2.0 entrepreneurs

Web 2.0 users live "20 minutes into the future." Hahahaha. More like 20 months.


Thursday, May 11, 2006

List of Web 2.0 Lists

Following the development of Web 2.0? Dig into this list of lists.


The Perfect Mark

A great read from the New Yorker on "how a Massachusetts psychotherapist fell for a Nigerian e-mail scam." Even after being convicted of fraud and other crimes, he still believed he was dealing with legitimate people who needed his help in moving their money. Are people really this naive? After being convicted? Good grief.


Tracking Plane Flight on Internet

Ever wonder how that new Internet access on the plane works? Wonder no longer. Oh, and the ability to track the plane in flight that this blogger is so enthused about? Hardly precise, as it just shows when the plane's Internet access has been handed off to the next continent.


Adobe aims to ease AJAX programming

This sounds promising -- Adobe AJAX for Mortals, brought to you buy the programmers formerly known as Macromedia.


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Report: Ionic air purifiers create -- cough, cough -- smog

In case you didn't already get the word from Consumer Reports, you've now been warned. Stay away from the ionic breeze -- it's a killa.


Iowa State's C6 VR room upgrading to 100 million pixels

My next TV....


The Combimouse

Insanely great or grossly retarded? Okay, the name is a bit retarded (not that I can think of anything better), but would this new spin on computer input be truly functional or just awkward? I have to say that the idea of not having to take my hands off the keyboard to move the pointer has great appeal, but then, wouldn't a regular keyboard with an integrated trackpad or track ball provide that same convenience (less the supposed improved ergonomics) without the avant styling? Anyone ready to try one of these thing?


The Computer Bed: making telecommuting even easier

Clearly, we need to get some of these for the office. At least for Justin's office.


Kicking Appliance Butt

Props to the Samurai Appliance Repair Man at for able assistance in repairing my clothes washer. The self-described "Grand Master of Appliantology" in New London, NH, provides a wealth of how-to knowledge, spiced with wacky humor, for the low, low price of free. His schematics, step-by-step instructions and expert tips are so helpful, in fact, that I'm seriously considering a modest contribution to the United Samurai Beer Fund. Or a mention on my blog.


Monday, May 1, 2006

Yahoo Introduces New Technology Section

Looks like they've actually got something of value going on, at least for the non-techie. Plus, lots of Web 2.0 styling. (Is it just me, or do the "today's top features" boxes look like little iPod nanos?)

Yahoo! Tech