Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Introducing the superfast, blogging, podcasting, do-everything-out-of-the-box MacBook

If you know me, you know I ordered one of these first thing this morning. Yes, I paid $150 extra for the black one. I think of it the same way I think of the leather upgrade for my car -- every once in awhile you have to do something nice for yourself. Considering how often I'll be using the thing, I might as we look as cool as possible doing it. (Boy, that's a dangerous policy. Maybe I should rethink that. Nah.)

BTW, J. had to get one just like it. Mine better show up first. ;-)



  1. You failed to remember that my office is closer to the front door and a simple, "Oh, he doesn't work here anymore" line should send the black pearl right back to SUZHOU, China.

  2. Arrrg. Those be fightin' words. I demand satisfaction!