Thursday, May 18, 2006

History of Console Prices

Thinking about the high cost of the PlayStation 3? Check this chart of inflation-adjusted console prices and decide for yourself if it's out of line.



  1. The graphs are nice, but not one person mentioned anything about TITLES. Exhibit A: The PlayStation 2 is technically inferior to the original Xbox, but it's still the world's most popular gaming platform based on the selection of compelling game titles. Exhibit B: At its launch, the PS3 will be backward compatible with thousands of earlier PlayStation titles. Everyone is talking about Sony missing the boat for 2006 and making the same mistake Microsoft made when they launched the original XBox late. The reality is that Microsoft missed the boat back in 1995 when the original Playstation was launnched. Well, I guess we have to give Microsoft the benefit of the doubt... They were probably too focused on getting XP ready for launch. You know, it does take them a decade to launch an OS. Hahahahahah

  2. Sorry, my point was that PlayStation can charge whatever they want. You're getting 3 systems in one, thousands of more titles than XBox, an incredible set of hardware components and, unlike the Nintendo product, you won't have to feel like a fairy in front of the 16 year-old BestBuy rep when you ask for the system by name.