Thursday, August 30, 2007

Why Do I Continue to Be Such a Cheapskate?

Chris has a highly informative and humorous BT headset review over at Gear Diary.

I should have spent an extra 40 bucks and bought the Plantronics Voyager™ 520 Bluetooth® Headset. And with good reason. The Voyager 520 addresses all the issues I had with my first Bluetooth experience and passes all the tests with flying colors.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

iPhone Application Installer

Have an iPhone and a hankering to install some of the third-party apps that are being developed? iPhone mods no longer require a CS degree, although you'll still risk the wrath of Jobs for second-guessing his judgment on which apps should be run on iPhone. promises to provide an easy interface to install iPhone applications over EDGE or Wifi. It's in Beta and comes with no warranty, so proceed with caution.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Facebook Fallacy

This is for the Courtster and CeeElCee:

Avoiding the Facebook because you think it's pointless? A silly waste of time? Too much like MySpace? Just for college kids?

Jenneth over at Gear Diary used to think so, too....

The way I see it, having a Facebook page will soon be just as standard as having a mobile phone or email address. Resistance is futile.
Get with it already.


Apple Offers Refurbished iPhones

How about an iPhone for $100 off? Sounds good to me. Props to Juice for discovering this before I saw it covered anywhere. Here's all you need to know:

Apple has started offering refurbished iPhones that are priced $100 less than the originals and come with a one-year limited warranty.

The handsets, which were either returned or brought in for repair, are available in 4-Gbyte or 8-Gbyte models. For an additional $69, Apple is offering the AppleCare Protection Program, which extends repair coverage on the combination cellular phone, music player, and Web browser for two years.


Reactiv Cyclist Protection Jacket Is Safe, Looks Cool(ish)

The ultimate in biker geek gear. The video demonstration makes it almost look cool (play it large for best effect). The photo after the jump reveals it to be otherwise. The $200 price tag settles it.

Great concept, though.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sinner's Lament

Today, Reflected Signal has launched as a place to present elements of the mundane in a way that might reveal something of interest. The idea is to post one photo, video clip, or other media piece each day of something that I've stumbled across as I've gone about the day.

If you enjoy today's post ("enjoy" defined broadly), please click through to the site and leave a comment.

God's benevolence as illustrated by creationists.


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Freetards, this is outrageous

Looks like we have another entry in our nerd sex series, again courtesy of his FakeSteveness -- although I have to say the level of cleverness seems in decline. I might not even have posted this one, except that the Juice likes this Ubuntu stuff and couldn't bring himself to comment on either of the previous posts, owing to his being "too tired and worn out." Not sure if his viewing of the previous entry contributed to that state. Nonetheless, the featured woman has clearly been quite well exploited.

Honestly. What is it with you Linux guys that you have to keep objectifying women in order to promote your operating system? First we had Novell exploiting women and now Ubuntu is jumping aboard the shame train too.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Feminists v linux geeks in fight to see who can have less sense of humor

In our now continuing sexuality series comes this entry from Fake Steve. Shocking. Hilarious. I laughed. I cried. It was better than Cats.

Linux nerds were offended by the ad, which appeared in a Linux rag, because the gist is that, um, your average freetard doesn't get a lot of hummer action. Soon, I'm sure, there will be some kind of online petition. Then feminists jumped in, griping here that the ad offends them too because it implies women should be giving hummers to Linux geeks. Or something.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Porn in theory, porn in practice

It reaches right into your pants is what it does. That's kind of weird, isn't it, to have something come out of the computer and reach into your pants?
I came across this article innocently enough. Okay, I was posting an article on Digg and the headline caught my eye and intrigued me. So that's not exactly innocent, but it is innocent enough. As I was somewhat impatiently skimming the article (you know, looking for the good stuff), I hit these lines and about busted a gut laughing.

Right, so I'm easily amused. And the article turned out to be pretty good, so read up if you're uncertain about how you feel about porn.


BarCamp Nashville

On August 18th, members of Nashville's music, technology, marketing and design communities will meet under one roof for BarCamp Nashville. This important event is a free, New Media "unconference" that aims to promote education, innovation and collaboration between technology and media professionals.

BarCamp Nashville is a ‘future’ festival. Expect a mashup of unexpected presentations with a great lineup of internationally recognized keynote speakers and live music. Nashville is ready for a celebration of our interactive, music, design and marketing communities.

learn more
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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Consumers urged to pick new DVD format

So HD DVD is winning. Or maybe it's Blu-ray Disc. Or maybe they both are and it doesn't matter. Here's your update on the HD DVD vs. Blue-ray Disc battle for the high def video disc standard.

Note, the real race likely starts this holiday buying season when prices are expected to drop into the reasonably affordable range.

Analysts said even lower prices for players could be the key to determining a format winner. Some believe that until prices hit the $200 range, consumers simply won't upgrade from their current machines, many of which cost less than $100.

Chinese-made HD DVD players selling for $199 are expected to hit store shelves by December, while Sony is widely expected to cut the cost of its Blu-ray machine to as low as $299 by year's end.


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Fogeys Flock to Facebook

Lately, an influx of older users—professionals their 30s and 40s, many in high-tech—is changing the face of Facebook. Among Silicon Valley executives, journalists, and publicists, Facebook has become the place to see and be seen. And it's not just tech.
Hmmm, guilty as charged. Facebook is the new hotness, even for grown-ups, and is perhaps the first social networking site to bridge personal and professional legitimacy en masse. If you're not there, you're not connected.


Tuesday, August 7, 2007 to launch new shopping service for social networks

On Tuesday, is officially launching its Garage Sale service on the social networking Web site Facebook. It's intended to let users post and sell items on their profile pages.
It's not free, but they do handle credit card payments so at least you know you'll get paid. This is great example of how Facebook's open API will help them pull ahead of other social networks by allowing quicker innovation.


Monday, August 6, 2007

‘Fake Steve’ Blogger Comes Clean

The acerbic postings of “Fake Steve,” as he is known, have attracted a plugged-in readership — both the real Mr. Jobs and Bill Gates have acknowledged reading the blog ( At the same time, Fake Steve has evaded the best efforts of Silicon Valley’s gossips to discover his real identity.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, Daniel Lyons, a senior editor at Forbes magazine who lives near Boston, has been quietly enjoying the attention.
Well, there goes all the fun. Now that it's likely to be officially sanctioned by Forbes, who's going to want to read it?


Saturday, August 4, 2007

Using iPhone: iCal, CalDAV Calendar Servers, and Mac OS X Leopard

Here's a look at how Apple's iCal and iCal Server relate to other products on the market, and how the iPhone handles calendaring....

When Leopard ships, the iPhone will no doubt gain support for working with CalDAV open calendar servers, including over the air support for syncing with iCal Server, and hopefully also the online calendars at .Mac, Google, and Yahoo.
Better calendar support from Apple, including server-side, client-side and sync will be most welcome.


Thursday, August 2, 2007

Analyst: iPhone security concerns exaggerated

“I think it has been exaggerated,” Andrew Jaquith, security analyst with the Yankee Group, told Macworld. “You have to start with the observation that many of the people that complain the loudest and say it’s a security threat tend to be security companies themselves.”
And then he goes on to debunk the criticisms, one-by-one, and offers a few useful suggestions for enterprise IT-types.