Wednesday, August 2, 2006

NeoOffice 2.0- "Aquafied" Beta Released

NeoOffice 1.2 is pretty good, but not quite sufficient for adoption by "ordinary users" in lieue of Microsatanic Office -- but dang close. Version 2.0, on the other hand, looks to be the real deal. It's also $400 cheaper than the bloatware from Redmond. I'm nearly giddy with anticipation.



  1. Seems like your a little bitter about the whole "office" thing. I think someone's got OS envy. I'm sure one day Apple will turn out software that's just as productive as Microsoft's, but for now they're just gonna have to settle for looking pretty. : )

  2. Are you on crack? I dislike MS because of their business tactics and bloated, unsecure software (not that that stops me from being a shareholder or anything crazy like that). But still, MS Office on the Mac is a significantly more useful product than MS Office for Windows. I just don't like having to pay $400 for the privilege of using it and look forward to using the cheap knock-off that might not have all the same features but more than covers what I need.

    It has absolutely nothing to do with the OS. Stay on topic or take your trolling elsewhere.