Sunday, August 6, 2006

AOL Proudly Releases Massive Amounts of Private Data

Holy shit! What were they thinking? This is going to be one large class-action lawsuit. Lawyers everywhere will be fighting over who gets to represent the 17.7 million U.S. subscribers AOL reported having in the second quarter.

And why, if you were going to release this data, would you do it for FREE? With business acumen like this, it's no wonder they're losing customers faster than they can count them.

UPDATE: AOL: Breach of privacy was a mistake "'This was a screw up, and we're angry and upset about it,' AOL spokesman Andrew Weinstein said." I bet.



  1. Oh yeah! That's rich. Do you think all 17 million are going to get a piece of the action or just the 650,000 people they sampled?

  2. Well, unless AOL can say who the 650K are, I'd guess all 17M. Bonanza!