Thursday, July 5, 2007

How Twitter Creates a Social Sixth Sense

I read about Twitter when it first launched and was impressed enough with the novelty of the idea to create an account -- but not enough to actually use it. (I have a bad habit of doing that, but at least I usually get my preferred username.) Then I read Clive Thompson's article in Wired and thought it might be useful after all.

So now I'm busy conning a few brave friends into trying it with me. And we'll discover together whether or not "a shared understanding larger than yourself" is to be found by twittering away some time.



  1. Or you can ask me to join you. I've been trying to use it for a while myself.

    (BTW, so you know: I find you through searching on Twitter on Technorati. Y'know, just in case ya thought Twitter was for Twits. :-p)

  2. I've been interested in trying, but everyone says Twitter is pure crack.