Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Combining Alcohol and Popular Energy Drink Reduces the 'Perception' of Impairment

Well, this explains a lot.

"Brazilian researchers have conducted the first controlled scientific study on the effects of combining alcohol with Red Bull energy drinks and found "a considerable disconnect between subjects' perceptions and objective measures of their abilities." There is a trend toward consuming such a mix in nightclubs, where the energy drinks help some clubbers offset the taste of alcohol while dancing all night. Just what we need: a bunch of wide-awake people who are a lot drunker than they think they are." -Lexington Herald-Leader

Study: Red Bull and alcohol don't mix

Energy drinks: A look at the popular jump-starters


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  1. "How to tell if you're addicted? If you're drinking more than one of these a day, then you're addicted." Well, what if you drink 12 in a weekend?