Friday, January 27, 2006

Apple's Front Row Media Experience Coming to iBook

Looks like it will be worth the wait for the next iBook model... 13" widescreen, Intel processor, Front Row, thinner form factor. April would be nice. (Happy birthday to me!) Read on for all the juicy (rumored) details. (Sorry, J.)


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  1. For those of you that don't know, I gave my 15" Titanium PowerBook to my girlfriend for Christmas (1 mo, 4 days w/o a laptop @ home - I'm not handling the withdrawal well). Charles informed me that I wouldn't have to wait long because Stevie J was going to announce the NEW iBook at his keynote in January. Well, Stevie made his big presentation and as we all know, NO new freakin' iBook. Now Charles the prognosticator tells me April will be the grand unveiling. Well, here's a forecast for ol' Steve.... If Apple does not produce a new iBook around that time, I promise there will be a reckoning (I'm not sure what that entails or what you're suppose to do when you create a reckoning, but I'll have loads of time to prepare for said reckoning - Consider yourself warned Mr. Jobs).